Ghost Story: The Tale of Henry and Bogart

“Wait up! You’re running too fast!” Bogart shouted through the trees. “Why did you just take off on me…” He said as he parted some bushes and arrived at the clearing.

A few moments past as the two boys starred at the house.

“Not talking now are we?”

More silence followed as the second boy started walking into the corn field towards the house.

“Where are you going?” Bogart shouted, carrying on behind his companion.

As the two approached the house, a murder of crows dissipated from the rooftop, in a loud thunder they huddled around the dying birch tree opposite the boys.

“What are you doing? I thought we were going to the clearing… not trudging around someones property.”

The second boy remained silent.

“Are you seriously not going to talk to me? This is getting kind of ridiculous Henry” Bogart added.


What did you call me?

The second boy finally replied in a low voice, much lower than Bogart remembered his friend sounding.

“Henry?” He clarified.

The second boy continued to walk closer to the house, seemingly ignoring what his friend just said.

“Henr..” Just as Bogart was about to finish calling after his friend, a low chant started to erupt from the house.

The boy paused for a moment as his friend, unfazed by the sudden sounds, continued to walk towards the door of the house.

Suddenly the door swung open and the light in the upstairs window burst on, casting a yellow glow down onto the two boys.

Out of the bay windows above, Bogart began to look in awe as an elderly woman gazed back at the boy.

“Henry!” He shouted, “We need to leave this place, we don’t belong here, they’re going to call the cops!”


The second boy ignoring the swinging door and yellow glow continued to walk inside.

“What the heck are you doing man! This is crazy! I’m getting out of here before we get in some serious sh…” Just as Bogart was about to finish his sentence, a faint yelling in the distance draws his attention.

“! Where are y… m..te?” Henry calls from the distance.

As Bogart turned to look at where the voice was coming from, the second boy suddenly turns around and for a brief moment became translucent, then solid again.

Come with me

The second boy said, again in the low voice.

“What… Wha… What are you?” Bogart said trembling now.


“You are not my friend Henr..”


As the boy was about to finish his words a bloodcurddling scream leaped out from the upstairs of the house.




Bogart froze in terror as he saw the elderly woman making her way down the stairs.

He turn and ran.





“HOW COU…..”

Bogart ran for his life, ignoring the screams and sobbing behind him, only stopping when he reached the source of his friends shouting.

“Hen… Henry..” Bogart said while catching his breath.

“Yeah mate, its me buddy, what’s wrong, you’re pale white, are you okay? what happened? You look like you’ve been through a ton, need any help?” Henry replied, rambling on as he usually does.

“I’m fi.. I’m fine.. Come with me, you have to see this”

“Okay, what is it?”

Henry followed Bogart back the way he came, the opposite way of the clearing, back through the dense forest and out to the farm field.

“What is it? Are we suppose to be doing some farming today or what? Lets get going, these birds aren’t going to watch themselves now are they.”


“I sw… I swear, there was a house here, there was a lady, YOU, You brought me here” Bogart said in a panic.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about buddy, but lets just go already” Henry replied.

“I swear, there was a house here, like i swear there was, like 5 minutes ago” Bogart said, continually scanning the horizon for some sign of a structure.

“I don’t see jack, just a bunch of corn…” Henry replied.

“Okay whatever man, lets just go” Bogart finally said after giving up.

As the two boys walk away a small silhouette follows behind them.

The two boys never went to the clearing by the woods again.

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