Author: Lourdes De Santis

Writer & Spiritual Advisor/Help. For Haunted.Press I was born different. Sensitive to many things. What others ignore or causally brush-off, I hear and see. I am an empath, I pick up other's emotions,I see things in their lives. Just as I see spirits and speak to them, They also see,and speak to Me. And show Me visions. I often take spirits home, in the form of vessels such as dolls. They speak to Me, they know Me, and choose Me in particular to go home with. They want their stories revealed because they know I'll speak to them. And love them as a Mother figure because of My nurturing empathetic nature. This is just who I am. It's not an easy life, feeling EVERYTHING, like a human sponge. But then you don't feel lost because the spirits are with you, surrounding you with love, as much as you love them. 💖

“Witch Board, Better Known as Ouija”

Ouija boards were so popular for a time, especially when my Mom was a kid in the 50’s. My Grandmother had a Ouija board in her house, so when my Mom’s friend Sharon came over and she, Sharon and my Grandmother, sat down at the table, it was no big deal to ask questions.

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A Buyers Guide to “Haunted Dolls”

My first “legit” haunted doll came from a garage sale. I should call her a demon doll because that’s exactly what it was! The fact is, most places that claim their dolls are “spirit dolls” or “haunted dolls” are completely full of crap!

They just grab any porcelain doll, dress them up real nice, make sure their polished, put them in a nice background and slap a huge overpriced tag on them for sale on eBay or Etsy, but these dolls come with stories! Invented biographies by the sellers themselves.

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