A Buyers Guide to “Haunted Dolls”

My first “legit” haunted doll came from a garage sale. I should call her a demon doll because that’s exactly what it was! The fact is, most places that claim their dolls are “spirit dolls” or “haunted dolls” are completely full of crap!

They just grab any porcelain doll, dress them up real nice, make sure their polished, put them in a nice background and slap a huge overpriced tag on them for sale on eBay or Etsy, but these dolls come with stories! Invented biographies by the sellers themselves.


Who cares if it’s not really haunted? They’re selling a fantasy and they make lots and lots of money scamming people who dream big and think they’re getting a piece of a haunted adventure. It’s sick, sad, and dishonest.

These dolls range in price, anywhere from $60-$1,000. There’s no remorse, these people actually think they’re doing the public a service. Now don’t get me wrong, there are the “needles in a haystack” you might just find, but those are few and far between.

In the world of “the haunted doll trade”, which actually yes, is apparently a thing, everyone thinks their shop is better, their dolls are more haunted, there’s some who even claim to be witches too, enhancing their shopper’s experience into believing! Honestly it’s all just a rouse, none of it’s real. They’re truly just cashing in on people’s naivety.

So where do you actually find a haunted doll?


You end up with one, accidentally. That’s exactly how it happens! And anyone who has a “haunted/spirit doll shop” saying their dolls are haunted, guess what? They’re full of shit!

-Lourdes De Santis, Doll Collector

Staff Writer

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