Paranormal Investigation: Grangemore House Ireland – The House Made of Gravestones

In the little village of Raharney Westmeath, Ireland, hidden away in the countryside lies a once stunning manor house, now in a complete state of decay. The Manor house was built in 1811 by John Fetherston at a cost of 10,000 pounds, the residence was a stunning manor with many out buildings and offices.

Legend has it that the house is extremely haunted and many locals do believe all the recounts of encounters at the location to be genuine. Tales of a headless horseman, the ghost of a woman has been seen floating across the no longer existing second floor, disembodied voices and children singing, this place has the works. The devil himself is said to have visited the house and there is a fireplace known as the devil’s fireplace where he is said to have appeared.


Growing up in the local surrounding area, I still remembered the stories told about this place, so when I created my YouTube channel, I had to go investigate. After walking a good distance through farm field after farm field, the house finally came into my view, situated in the middle of desolate farmland, standing tall, was Grangemore House. I was so excited to explore, knowing my time was limited, I approached the house and looked for a way in… to my amazement, the front door of the house was still intact. I climbed through a window next to it and began recording.

Grangemore House Ireland, Paranormal Resident, Haunted Press File Photo.
Grangemore House, Raharney Westmeath, Haunted Press File Photo.
Grangemore House Ireland, Haunted Press File Photo.
Grangemore House, Raharney Westmeath, Haunted Press File Photo.

Exploring the many rooms was fascinating, yet extremely dangerous. The floors where completely caving in and I could see the cellars below though the parts of the floor that have fallen away entirely. The Fireplaces were intact and I wondered to myself… “which one is the devil’s fireplace?”.

The house is rumored to be have been built from gravestones. The story is that the owner of the home is said to have run out of money and used gravestones from a local cemetery, primarily where unbaptized babies where buried. The window sills of the house are said to be those stones from the cemetery and as I crawled my way through the window and placed my hand on it, an overwhelming sense of sadness came over me.


I made my way down to the cellars and explored the old out buildings. I was upset knowing the house will soon be just a pile of rumble… the condition of the house was in total decay and completely unsafe to enter, I had to be extremely careful with each step I took, not to collapse part of the building. My mission for the video was to show people something that they had never seen before and to record the history of the location before it is inevitably demolished.

Is the Grangemore House Haunted?

Well that is always up for debate. Stories change over time and get twisted into a he said she said mess of broken telephone nonsense, who knows what the real story of the house truly is. All I know is that it has a strange atmosphere and in my opinion, even though I didn’t see a bonified ghost, I do believe it contains some form of spirit energy. I wouldn’t stay the night in this house by myself, that’s for sure.

Grangemore House Ireland, Paranormal Resident, Haunted Press File Photo.
Grangemore House, Raharney Westmeath, Haunted Press File Photo.

A fantastic location overall, I’m so happy I was able to show my subscribers something they haven’t seen before. The Grangemore House is a great example of every stereotypical haunted house you’ve seen in the movies and television with a fascinating story to back it up.

Check it out the full video here and see this amazing location for yourself:

Ciarán, Paranormal Resident

Staff Writer

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