Eternal Moonlight: A gothic tale.

This is how we fell apart

She whispered to me in a soft voice.

“This is how it ended”.

“This is the street. That’s the house. That’s the bed”

She continued to hold me upright while my tunnel vision focused on the burning house in front of us.

She turned to me, pulling my face towards hers, allowing me to meet her empty gaze. All I could see was the face of the woman I destroyed, the woman of whom I had taken everything from, I didn’t have the physical or mental strength to say a word, all I could do was stare back with solidified sorrow.

She suddenly squinted and let out a brief smile, almost as if she could have remembered the brilliant times we shared during our blooming romance. She quickly rubbed the smile off her face, leaned in and kissed my cheek, I felt her touch as if for the first time, as her flesh gently grazed my pale skin I felt my chest mutter out a silent beat for the first time in centuries.


She then abruptly leaned back and I was quickly dropped to my knees. I stared there for a moment barely having the strength to keep myself upright, she tilted my head upwards, allowing me the privilege to gaze upon her beauty once more. For every moment I spent on this earth, those few seconds in which the light from her beauty’s absence lay felt like an eternal winter.

“You killed us here, on this street, in that house”

She whispered again, staring back at me.

“No one will miss us when we’re gone”

She grabbed onto my hair pulling me in close in full view of her large blue eyes, eyes that have revealed so much to me during our time spent together.

As she kissed me once more, I felt the jagged pierce of a a splintered blade enter my body, as it slowly entered my lungs and into my heart I was able to see her beautiful smile one last time.

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