Author: Reid Williams

Editor, Haunted.Press

Eternal Moonlight: A gothic tale.

This is how we fell apart

She whispered to me in a soft voice.

“This is how it ended”.

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Travel Channels’ Phone and Tripod Stolen at San Diego Comic Con

Coming on the wave of the announcement of Zak Bagan’s new mini-series with the GAC, the Travel Channels’ official phone and tripod were stolen while filming their panel at this years San Diego Comic Con.

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Ghost Story: The Tale of Henry and Bogart

“Wait up! You’re running too fast!” Bogart shouted through the trees. “Why did you just take off on me…” He said as he parted some bushes and arrived at the clearing.

A few moments past as the two boys starred at the house.

“Not talking now are we?”

More silence followed as the second boy started walking into the corn field towards the house.

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Top 3 Paranormal Investigation Apps of 2019 (IOS)


Let’s get one thing straight. Technology that helps one experience a paranormal occurrence can be hit and miss at best most of the time depending on your geographic location and the gadget itself.

The advancement of technology has quickened the pace at which inventors develop new experimental ways to attempt spirit communication. IOS developers included.

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Vanilla Ice Touched by Spirit at Haunted House

A few weeks ago Rapper Vanilla Ice visited Zak Bagan’s highly acclaimed Haunted Museum and got a little more than he bargained for when he felt an unexplained cold chill run down the back of his neck multiple times during an attempt at communication with the alleged spirits that reside within the building.

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