Travel Channels’ Phone and Tripod Stolen at San Diego Comic Con

Coming on the wave of the announcement of Zak Bagan’s new mini-series with the GAC, the Travel Channels’ official phone and tripod were stolen while filming their panel at this years San Diego Comic Con.

Before I get to the awkward news, let me touch on why this footage could have been so relevant to the new mini-series.

Ghost Adventures is filming a new four part series based solely on Americas most notorious serial killers, not to name any names, but we all have some that come to mind.


Zak is a collector of items that formerly belonged to such people and believe that they still contain the negative energy held by their previous owners.

The series was discussed in detail at this years SDCC, we would have all been able to find out the details for ourselves, if it weren’t for one sticky fingered fan.

Bagans mentions holding one of the ‘serial killers brains’ in his hands, whether this is a literal statement or hypothetical, we have yet to find out thanks to the missing footage.

“I got to hold one of these serial killer’s brains in my hands.”

Zak Bagans

While filming the big news, the staffs’ tripod and iPhone were taken from their set, fortunately they have some awesome fans, after a quick reach out to their base on twitter, the items were hastily returned, sadly the footage of the boys at the panel was lost.

If anyone has the missing footage, please give it back to the guys, we all want to know whats on there.

3 thoughts on “Travel Channels’ Phone and Tripod Stolen at San Diego Comic Con

    1. We can’t wait either, we are so stoked for the series and the live Halloween investigation!

      Thank you so much Paula! We appreciate the kind words, can you send us a link so we can tell our fans!

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