Top 3 Paranormal Investigation Apps of 2019 (IOS)


Let’s get one thing straight. Technology that helps one experience a paranormal occurrence can be hit and miss at best most of the time depending on your geographic location and the gadget itself.

The advancement of technology has quickened the pace at which inventors develop new experimental ways to attempt spirit communication. IOS developers included.

Here are the top five paranormal investigation apps on the market right now:


1. iOvilus


The App Store states that this software is for entertainment purposes only, most likely for legal reasons, as there is no scientific proof that this technology lets you experience paranormal events or conduct spirit communication.

The Author of this software is the Inventor of the Paranormal Puck (as seen on Ghost Adventures), Ovilus Talker, EM Pump (Also seen on Ghost Adventures), Video Ovilus, PX and other devices seen on paranormal investigation television shows and/or used by paranormal investigation teams around the world to document evidence of the paranormal. Digital Dowsing is a highly acclaimed and controversial company that invents paranormal technologies, this is another one of their gadgets that reads sensor data to access a sound bank and produce words.

This device uses readings from the environment (using sensors on your iPhone) it doesn’t use a random generator (like some so called investigation apps on the market), to spit out words from a 2048 word dictionary. These sensors effect the application and register a response.


I’ve personally only owned this app for six months but with all the words registered in the database, it can say some strange things based on where you are, the question you ask, or the person holding the device at the time.

I pulled out the app at a party, turned it on, asked a few questions and no response after five or so minutes, gave it to a friend, within a minute of him holding it asking for advice, it replied with the words “remove” and his ex girlfriends name. The device remained silent for the rest of the party.

Download it here:


2. Ghost EVP Radio

While writing this article…

This is an incredible app developed by a “supposed” paranormal research and investigation team (although I don’t know anything about them or their investigations, as they don’t list any links on the apps page or company website), their application takes the idea of a spirit box to the next level but instead of playing every sound that comes through individually it will only play detected words, phrases and other electronic voice phenomena.

The app is an EMF detector and can show the electro magnetic field levels around your device.

It’s main function generates white, brown or pink noise and has a spectrogram so that you can monitor the audio activity to the exact dB.

It also includes a small AM screen that some paranormal researchers believe to be a form of Instrumental Trans Communication.

Overall I had a ton of fun with this app, it doesn’t just spew out words, It reads the environment around you and gives you intelligent responses. I highly recommend.

Check it out here:


3. ITC


Also developed by Digital Dowsing, this app is a playback device for a database of sounds.

No human words should be heard from this application, you can tweek the settings to change the speed in order to orient the device to the spirit you are trying to communicate with.

Paranormal researchers believe that spirits can use electronic sound databases to communicate, using the energy of the phone they believe they can form words, phrases and intelligent responses to your questions.

This one is worth a look:

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