Paranormal Investigation: Abandoned School House – The Slamming Door

Few places on my travels around Ireland have scared me as much as Kylepark National School, Tipperary, Ireland.

Dating back to the 1800s, it was once an agricultural school, but has since became a primary school for young children. Kylepark is an amazing location and in my opinion, very haunted.

While walking around Kylepark, filming for my YouTube channel, I was confronted with taps, bangs and what I think was a little girl sobbing.

After entering classroom after classroom, looking for the source of this sobbing, I was shocked to find that every time I entered a new room the sobbing was coming from the previous room I was just in.

The school is in a bad state, the roof is caving in, the staircase to the second floor was buckling under my weight. Bats are the only living resident of this once handsome school. The bats, to my horror, flew at me on two occasions…

The sobbing noise I was looking for faded away over time and to this day I can’t explain what I heard.

On my way back through the school I had to pass through the main classroom, where I was going to do my outro for the video, as I was finishing a ghosttube session (A popular ghost dictionary app) the door I walked through slammed shut… I chalked this up to wind but I decided to open the door and ask any spirit present to close the door for me, slowly the door started to move and sway until I called out “close that door for me” and the door slammed shut with force.

I captured all this on my video camera which is available on my YouTube channel (paranormalresident), check out the full video here:

I quickly gathered my camera and equipment and made a hasty exit. I did return to Kylepark national school and yes it did happen again, I caught it on camera.

Kylepark School House is one of my favourite locations to date, the atmosphere, the decay, the ghosts…

This is one Investigation I won’t forget in a hurry.

– Ciarán, Paranormal Resident

Staff Writer

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