Paranormal Investigation: The Lady of Lackeen – Lackeen Castle Ireland

While on my adventures around Ireland’s various haunted locations, I discovered a castle, Lackeen Castle in Lorha, Tipperary, a 12th century stronghold said to be very haunted that draws me in every time.

There is a story connected to Lackeen Castle that I have always enjoyed. The lady of Lackeen is said to hate ghost hunters (legend has it that is) if you capture the lady of Lackeen on camera, she will turn you to stone.

On one occasion exploring Lackeen Castle for my YouTube channel, I began as I usually do, by filming everywhere in the castle to show my subscribers the entire location. As I was walking around the castle, filming the exterior, I had this feeling I was not alone, but I tried to ignore those thoughts and focus on filming, little did I know I was been watched from within the castle. I edited the video later that night and it was up on YouTube for weeks until a subscriber pointed out something I never saw originally. As I was walking around the exterior of the castle there seems to be a woman, a white image looking at me from inside the castle walls.

The screenshot my subscriber sent me shocked me to the bone but it lined up with the castle legend. Was it the lady of Lackeen watching over me? Making sure I behave or was it simply a trick of light. Thankfully I have not turned to stone, as of yet.

Lackeen castle has a rich bloody history and remains my favourite haunt, I have done many videos on Lackeen castle and if there was ever a definitive haunted castle, Lackeen, in my opinion, is among the most active of the lot.

The picture you see below documents myself walking around the castle talking to my subscribers about the history of the haunted structure. In the darkness of the inside of the castle you see what may be the lady of Lackeen. I do wish the quality of the image was better but at the time I was filming on my phone.

I’m a solo Investigator of the paranormal and have been to many amazing locations across Ireland and have so much more to share. Lackeen Castle will remain for now, my favourite.

Watch the full video and discover the evidence documented here for yourself:

– Ciarán, Paranormal Resident

Staff Writer

One thought on “Paranormal Investigation: The Lady of Lackeen – Lackeen Castle Ireland

  1. Hello Mate ! I thought I would check out your stories and Vids over here. :Lackeen Castle is an amazing place to visit. You are Savage Bruv.. I am opening up more in my research into the paranormal Ciaran. I have You to thank for that ! All My Best ~ MAVER

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