Vanilla Ice Touched by Spirit at Haunted House

A few weeks ago Rapper Vanilla Ice visited Zak Bagan’s highly acclaimed Haunted Museum and got a little more than he bargained for when he felt an unexplained cold chill run down the back of his neck multiple times during an attempt at communication with the alleged spirits that reside within the building.

“I’m skeptical too and I swear I asked like four times if she blew on my neck and it wasn’t a little blow… it was freezing cold… I will not go back in that room” Ice says in an interview shortly after the incident.

The video below documents an unexplained gust of wind blowing on the back of Ices’ neck, no one was behind him and he repeatedly complained of a freezing cold burst of wind being blown onto him.

“Vanilla’s fear is Zak’s fun … “ Bagans tells TMZ “it’s a precious moment every time he witnesses someone having their very first experience with a spirit.”

Unexplained and possible paranormal occurrences continue to happen at Zaks museum, skeptics and paranormal enthusiasts alike are flocking there to find out the truth for themselves. What do you think happened at the museum last week?

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