Unidentifiable light orb steals woman’s energy at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum


Woman faints after an unidentifiable object passes through her chest at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum. For those unfamiliar with the museum, it houses some of the most haunted items in the world. Zak collects hundreds of ancient and allegedly haunted artifacts, from items owned by serial killers to strange oddities owned by celebrities.

Bagans has conducted many paranormal investigations within the walls of his hallowed museum, bringing in physic mediums, advanced equipment and researchers in order to prove that the building contains some form of spirit energy or transient spirit. There are many eye witness accounts that add to the belief that the museum really is haunted by the spirits attached to the items Zak has collected, including the video recorded two Fridays ago.


Video recorded June 21, 2019 inside of the Zak Bagans’ haunted museum in Las Vegas, NV documents a woman fainting only moments after a mysterious orb passes through her chest.

Zak Bagans and the rest of the GAC claim they have done all they can to debunk what you see in the video and the orb remains unidentifiable and unexplained. They have no doubts that what you’re looking at is a spirit.


Here is a still image of the orb:

“A spirit orb, spirits can manifest in these orbs of light. A lot of times, when spirits touch you, they can drain your energy and it can happen quite quickly. When that happens, you literally can go down.” – Earle Brown, a tour guide at the museum.

Most folks don’t buy it, people on social media saying ‘cut it out, it’s just a bug’ and ‘there’s no way this woman was actually touched by a spirit.’

Earle Brown is adamant that what you see in the image above is not a bug.


“It moved way too fast to be a bug. Bugs have to be close to the camera, and they don’t move laterally, meaning they’re not going to touch something and move away. They’re going to keep going in the direction they were flying,” he said.

Paranormal believers theorize orbs, like the one captured here, represent the energy patterns of spirits and can be captured on camera or seen in person if the energy is strong enough.

After all the unexplained experiences happening at Zaks’ museum, people are still flocking there to find out the truth for themselves.

The woman from the incident has since fully recovered.

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